What could you accomplish with your blog if you finally got focused, intentional and organized?

I've got the solution to your blogging disorganization >>> The Ultimate Blog Planner is the last printable blog planner you'll ever need. 

  • Tired of having your blog ideas, plans, calendars and tracking in a million different places?
  • Are you done wasting money on BASIC planners that aren't created for your blog life? 
  • This planner is designed with a focus on quaterly planning and implementation so you can keep lazer focused and productive! 
  • Allows you to plan every major part of your blogging content including posts, social sharing, emails, sales emails and more!!! 
  • Provides space to hold all your ideas in one place so you won't need tons of other notebooks.

Get your printable planner now for just $34.


What You Get:

  •  30 different pages of blogging tools & trackers that you can pick and choose plus print multiple copies of. 
  • Kim's Productive Column Tracking System (often demonstrated digitally in Trello- now in phyisical form) for content and product creation. 
  • A blog planner organized and ready to be printed for 12 weeks of planning, implementation and productivity. 
  • Created to help you optimize every step of planning and implementation from content, to SEO, to Pinning! 
  • A single place and templates to store your braindumps, brainstorms, content ideas and mindmaps!  
  • Quick Glance design and conversion cheat sheets. 
  • Content process checklist. 
  • Weekly task checklists.
  • Email launch and sale planners.
  • JKB Monthly Facebook Accountability! 
  • Login trackers and much more!!!!

I can't wait for you to get your hands on this new planner! 

If you know me, problem solving is my JAM. This JKB Ultimate Blog Planner is a tool that I literally made for myself to help me keeping my blogging life in just one spot. As I made it, I realized it was a solution to so many of the problems that I hear about from other bloggers and decided to make it all pretty and offer it to you! I know it will be a huge help to your planning and productivity in 2019!