Do you regularly struggle with the tug-of-war between growing your business and managing your everyday life?

  • Do you feel like your business lives in survival mode, often competing with the demands of your real life?
  • Do you struggle with what to do or focus on next in your business?
  • Do you sometimes feel lonely in your entrepreneurship journey?
  • Do you get overwhelmed by all the educational information about business online? 
  • Do you have a product, service, or content-based business?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, the Treks to Business Success Community & School is for you!


  • Access to hundreds of online business school tools, classes, videos, planners, and checklists so you don't have to wander all over the internet for help.
  • Monthly live Zoom workshops & classes with Kim w/replays so you can directly ask Kim Questions.
  • Weekly Co-Working AKA body-doubling Zoom sessions with Kim so you can set aside time for your business & focus with intention.
  • Rewards for business accomplishments and wins!
  • Access a private Facebook Community to help with questions, problems, & encouragement.


I'm Kim Anderson!

In the past ten years, I've:

1) Created a six-figure online content-based business.

2) Created a service-based business with over 400 clients and 2,000 students.

3) Launched a traditionally published book.

4) Been on TV & News such as Good Morning America.

5) Become a paid public speaker.

6) Helped my husband open a brick-and-mortar brewery.

I love entrepreneurship and geek out about creating and growing businesses. If you can dream it, I can help you and this group is my way of helping as many people as possible.

Check Out What Our Members Are Sharing:


  • Monthly live Zoom classes with Kim.
  • Weekly co-working Zoom calls with Kim.
  • Access to the online business school full of classes, printables, checklists, and how-tos.
  • Access to new monthly membership training published.
  • Regular business challenges with rewards.
  • Access the membership Facebook group.



Membership will start at the end of the trial at only $19 per month! Cancel anytime.

Not sure yet?

Here are some commonly asked questions.

Can I cancel if I change my mind?

You can cancel your monthly or annual membership anytime; however, your last payment is non-refundable.

How often do you add content to the school, and how will I know?

We add new training and classes every month. Anytime new content is added to the school or the group, we will send you an email and post it in the Facebook group.

Do you have replays of meetings and live classes?

We realize that not everyone can make it to every meeting, so we record our live elements, send them out via email, and post them in the Facebook group so you never miss out and can engage when it's convenient for you.

How often can we engage with Kim?

I realize that sometimes when you join memberships, it may seem like the group leader is a bit disengaged and has lots of virtual assistance running the group. Kim intentionally engages with group members in comments, via live Facebook videos, and ZOOM calls where Kim can speak directly to you, face-to-face.

Does the content disappear inside the school?

Remember that we are a group that supports & energizes entrepreneurs in the margins of what you value. We keep ALL our content LIVE in the school at all times so you can go through the materials in your own time.