Who are determined to make a legit passive income blogging but haven't yet turned their blog into a daily money printing machine at the level they want to be at... I've got a question for you...

What's the Difference?

What's the difference between having a successful blog that you enjoy working on, believe in and generates passive income for you and your family every month...

... and managing a blog that keeps you stuck in a never-ending cycle of course hoarding, second-guessing, and paralysis of analysis?


...having a blog that you perpetually start, stop and feel guilty about because you are investing time, money, and energy but can't seem to squeak out a return?

If you guessed...

X Having no kids, no day job, and no spouse to distract you ... you'd be wrong.

X Having tons of cash to invest in courses, ads, virtual assistants, and quiet office space... that would be wrong too.

X Being a tech-savvy, Insta-famous, Tik-Tokking, millennial who wears cool hats - nope not even close.

X Working all hours of the day and night on your blog while ignoring your family or responsibilities - it's not that either.

You see, the truth is having a blog money Sugar Daddy (or Sugar mama), more courses, no distractions, no kids, no day job or a computer code degree isn't going to deliver a money printing blog into your life.

Here's what you need to know about building a successful blog that generates passive income in 2021 without burning yourself out.

Most people are searching the internet these days for answers so the days of writing online journals about our random thoughts, opinions or life are over. We are in a time of voice-prompted, answer-seeking, social media-loving, tutorial following, I found this on YouTube people using the internet. And that's probably why people like to say that...


No one reads blogs anymore.

Video is King of Content.

Blogging is dead!

So tell that to the 77% of internet users who read blogs.


The truth is that blogging is NOT dead - but the days of throwing up random posts and hoping someone reads are DEAD.

...but since you're on this page, in a couple of clicks you won't have to worry about that anymore. WOO HOO!

So why do successful, income-generating blogs seems like a pipe dream for dedicated entrepreneurs (like yourself) instead of the passive money printing machine all the marketers who market about marketing keep telling you that it is...

1. You don't feel like you have anything new to say or contribute with your blog.

2. You constantly compare where you are to the people around you that seem to be growing.

3. You feel like you might not be tech-savvy enough to succeed.

3. You feel constantly pulled in a million directions by every new course, resource, tool, and blog theory!

But there's good news...

Creating a Successful Online Business with a blog is easier than ever because honestly...internet use is only growing.

Look, if you have read this far then you already know that education and follow through are key to building that lucrative blog business that you've been imagining since you heard your first blogger get rich quick success story.

You know it's possible to create a blog that lets you...

🤑Earn extra income for your family at the kitchen table while working in the margins of helping your kids, cooking, cleaning and doing real life?

🤒 Use your creative talents, passions and life experience to create a job you love out of thin air! Plus you never having to worry about sick leave, asking the boss to take off early or working for the "weekend" again.

🦠Have an online based business that keeps running even when the world shuts down from a Pandemic. #2020

What you might not know is there's a customized 5 Phase Profitable Blog Creation Course that has the power to:

  • Help you get on the right path for the TYPE of blog that you are creating right now -no more trying to follow a singular success path that some guru perfected 10 years ago.
  • Take you on a step-by-step journey from total newbie to scaling your business in the order that makes sense for the TYPE of blog you are building.
  • Give you a REAL deep-dive, actionable education without the fluff or theory (fluff that sends you buying 20 more courses just to understand what's in the course you already have).
  • Gives you the confidence to stick with the unique blog you are building, stop chasing all the wrong things and see it through to your own success story.
  • Connect you with an engaged Professional Blogging Coach (who still runs a successful business to consumer blog) as well as a drama-free community of totally committed bloggers that you can grow and network with.

The 5 Phases to Blog Success

After coaching 400+ bloggers, one thing became very clear to me. You can give bloggers a path, but you can't put them in box because not all blog approaches are created equal.

Understand the Type of Blog You Are Building

There are 4 main types of blog-based businesses online. Identify and understand your blog type so that you can have confidence and clarity in platform that you are building.

Phase 1 - Foundations- Getting Your Blog Looking and Acting Too Legit to Quit

We are going to start from square one. Because why spend all that time naming, domaining, and creating your blog if you are too afraid to share it because you don't know if it's set up right?

In this phase, you'll learn all the most important pieces of creating a basic, minimum viable blog structure.

A structure that keeps you from getting stuck in square 1 and helps you move on to other more important (a more fun) parts of blogging but also the confidence to know that it's set up legally and correctly!

Get a legit, solid blog foundation so that you can have the confidence to know that you have your blog set up correctly and legally.

You can avoid searching the internet for hours looking for answers to your questions like...

  • What's a hosting service?
  • What's the difference between and
  • How do I get my blog to look like a blog (I'm not embarrassed to share) without hiring a designer?
  • What's the difference between and page and post?
  • How many blog posts do I need when I get started?
  • And more...

Phase 2 - Practice

In the next Phase, I'm going to help you develop the knowledge, speed, and passive monetization strategies that you need to succeed at blogging as a business based on your Type of Blog.

You'll learn the MOST important actions that build momentum in this stage of your blogging game.

Actions that help you learn, apply and practice key steps to monetizing your blog including what to do now and what to wait on for later so that you are only taking on the things that matter most and not getting bogged down or distracted by things that just don't.

You can avoid the paralysis of analysis as you travel through Phase 2 and avoid overwhelm associated with:

  • Knowing how many posts to publish.
  • How many words should you write?
  • Do you need to worry about SEO right now?
  • When should I create a business entity for my blog?
  • Learning how short-cut HTML (it's way easier than you think).
  • How do I find affiliates to work with?
  • What's a good pinning strategy.
  • And more...

Phase 3 - Strategy

In Phase 3 we turn up your confidence and transition your blog into an authoritative, money-printing website based on the passive and active monetization strategies that are right for you, your goals, and your Type of Blog.

You'll learn the important tasks that will set your blog up for passive income success.

Tasks that will help you set the foundations for taking control of your blog income.

You can avoid the very common fear of success and go full steam ahead tackling:

  • An email marketing strategy based on the TYPE of blog you have.
  • Email list growth & communication based on the TYPE of blog you have.
  • How to manage, respond to, and negotiate the emails you get from outside offers.
  • Making your product plan for physical, digital, course or membership products.
  • Creating products with confidence and knowing what to expect from your launches.
  • Designing sales pages, tripwires and upsells.
  • Upping your income with non-sleasy sponsored content.
  • And more...

Phase 4/5 - Scaling

In Phase 4 you'll implement the secrets of scaling your business on auto-pilot that all six-figure bloggers know about.

These secrets can take you from regular, passive income to scaled, passive income.

Once you start going through phase 4, you'll be equipped to scale your unique Type of blog based on what works for you.

You'll be able to ditch limiting beliefs and comparison and make the strides necessary to get over these hurdles:

  • Creating a funnel based passive income system.
  • Creating pro-level sales pages with a passive sales approach.
  • Writing dang good copy for conversions
  • Hiring help at the RIGHT TIME.
  • Running promoted pins and Facebook Ads.
  • Being able to not only track sales but understand them.
  • And more...


Note that this membership group has a brand new backend and the name has changed from Just Keep Blogging Mentored Membership to the Treks to Blog Success School & Squad.

"Blogging is awesome but there are times where it can be tough and a little lonely. It can also be hard knowing what to work on next or how to make it happen. But being part of the JKBMM community takes away that pain. Not only is it full of amazingly supportive people who get the ups and downs of all things blogging, Kim shares her knowledge and expertise in easy to understand, bite-sized steps that don't overwhelm. Her monthly challenges, the tutorials, her Facebook lives and the general comradery of the group have helped me to push past my fears and procrastination and I'm finally starting to see real results and growth. Not only has my email list exploded, I've created and launched my first product and I'm generating an income. Joining the group is by far one of the best things I have done for my blog - and it will be the best thing you can do for yours too!" Sarah Dew

"As a collector of multiple blogging courses with the goal of turning my blog into a business, this has provided the community support and resources I need to pull everything together and successfully focus on one step at a time. The membership site is full of manageable chunks of information on a variety of topics that has filled gaps in my learning. But the best part of the TREKS is the safe space of support, encouragement, and knowledge found in the active Facebook community." ~Nicki Hibbits

"This class has all the information you need to create a successful blog at your own pace. More importantly, you get access to Kim Anderson a knowledgeable, responsive and caring blog mentor. Finally there’s the amazingly supportive, generous and fun blogging community Kim has created on Facebook, where I’ve learned so much and made several friends. Best blogging money I’ve spent."

"With so many voices in the blogging world, it's hard to know who to listen to. I have found the most consistent information from Kim Anderson. She is honest and real! She wants everyone to be successful, and she meets you where you are in your blogging journey. She knows how to encourage you and light a fire under you all at the same time! Kim's TREKS TO BLOG SUCCESS group is HANDS-DOWN my favorite FB group! I know that I can go there and receive encouragement, help, and tough love when I need it most. Everyone in the group is so authentic and genuinely seeks to help one another. Truthfully, I could never say enough good things!" Jennifer ~

"This is a great blogging community. Kim provides so much motivation and training. The members also provide support and we love gifs!"- Janet D Stelly,

"Kim and the community are without a doubt the place to be to build your blog! She works extremely hard to ensure the community gets the knowledge they need to keep moving forward in their blogging journey. Money spent with Kim is money well invested in your blog! -Jacquelyn Parker @"

"The membership is always the first spot that I go to when I have a blogging question or need some feedback on what I am doing on my blog. Kim Anderson has created not just a course, but a learning community filled with encouragement and a focus on momentum and success. The content is exactly what bloggers need to learn and grow and the support is outstanding. I would not be as far along in my blogging journey without Kim and the community she has built and the contacts I have made in the membership community. Lisa Rollins - Stitch In Progress -"

"I've been in some much pricier monthly memberships and what Kim offers is an incredible value. She could charge much more for what she is offering! Kim knows her audience well and knocks herself out to provide high-level advice and support to her members. It's a warm and supportive community that has become my favorite little corner of the online business and blogging world." Lane Rebelo, Tiny Signs

"The community is a rare gem in the blogging world. I have never been part of a blogging community where everyone is genuinely interested not only in their own success but in others' success as well. Members share their blogging struggles with the group and, within minutes, other members are there to offer advice, guidance, and, mainly, kind words of encouragement. There is no competition because our awesome leader, Kim Anderson, has instilled in us an abundance mindset on our blogging journeys. Everyone has a unique contribution to make to the blogging world. I am grateful to be part of an amazing group of talented creators and look forward to meeting new members!" Malika

"So often, I've followed blogging mentors only to find myself with empty pockets and lost in a crowd of people with little in common besides blogging. Here, I feel seen and like my questions matter, and my success matters - not only to Kim but to the entire community. The content continues to grow as the needs of the community grow and change and Kim is ever-present with encouragement, accountability, and a daily dose of blogging adrenaline. She helps me believe in my big dreams!"

"This community was just the thing I needed. Structured, yet free-flowing to allow your creativity to do its thing. Lots of great training and information about not only blogging itself but BEING a blogger/author. Highly recommend! " Annie Richardson,

"Treks to Blog Success provides the right training at the right time for where you are in your individual blogging journey. Kim Anderson shares her lessons learned to encourage the success of all the members of the community. An added bonus are the awesome women in the community who cheer each other on to “just keep blogging” every day!" Cori

"I have more momentum than ever before after having joined the Membership community. All of the pieces of blogging are coming together and making more sense - and it comes all wrapped up in this amazing community of positive and supportive members that can’t wait to see each other succeed."

"I almost quit blogging a year ago, because I felt like I was going no where slow. The support and encouragement of Kim's group kept me going. May was my first month with Mediavine and my traffic is up 502% over a year ago. It was so much more doable to keep going with the support of Kim & the community. The information and monthly Zoom calls are a great place to get information and the monthly/quarterly challenges help give focus for what to do next." Tamara @ Empowered Single Moms

"Ever since joining Kim’s mentored membership group, my focus and clarity with my blog have been through the roof. I finally have a road map for success and easy to follow action steps to get me there. The community Kim has built is also rare and wonderful. You can ask questions without fear of judgment and group members are so willing to share knowledge and growth strategies. My blog and business are much better off due to joining this membership community." - Mattie Givens

"This group, and its owner, have been the main reason I'm still blogging. I've received encouragement, direction, a step by step success path to follow, and I've met wonderful people. For the money, it's an absolute steal! I love this group!" Donna of

"This is honestly the best blogging group I've been in. There is great engagement and everyone is willing to help each other. And cheering each other on when times get tough too. Through thick and thin so to speak. I wish I had joined this amazing group of women earlier." Nicole -

"The community is just amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Kim is more active than I ever thought a leader could be but she really wants to see each one of us succeed exactly how we want to succeed! She is constantly working to give us everything we ask for and protecting us from making decisions we may regret. Kim is our fearless leader and she's always got our backs doing the research necessary before sending us off with new information or an answer. If you want a community, this the only one I'd say you need as a blogger." Jamie Ruffin

"Kim is so genuine and she truly cares about your success. She saw the vision in me that I NEVER spoke aloud to her and breathed life into it! For me that's worth more than the cost of her membership, mentorships, and coaching!" (Angelica Duncan,

"Just Keep Blogging has helped me take a lot of blogging information and organize it into actionable steps to see progress. Kim gives me information in the way my brain can comprehend it, in steps. I love the sense of community we have with other bloggers and how we cheer each other on, celebrate victories, and pick each other up and dust each other off after defeats. We have become a part of each other's lives through this community. Thanks so much, Kim!"

Meet Your New Blog Coach...

Hi! I'm Kim Anderson!

My blogging journey has certainly completely changed my life and I believe that it can also change your life!

I started my Thrifty Lifestyle blog, Thrifty Little Mom, way back in 2013 when I was a stay at home mom ugly crying in the shower over who I was going to be in 20 years when my kids grew up.

Despite my time and focus limitations (at home mom life) and my undiagnosed Adult ADHD I was still able to build a six-figure business around a thrifty lifestyle blog that has allowed me to:

  • Become a traditionally published author.
  • Become a paid speaker.
  • Put my engineer husband in a position to leave a commute he hated and pursue his own business.
  • Be own boss - LITERALLY.
  • Create passive income from digital products, courses, affiliates, sponsored content and traffic!
  • Do a JOB I LOVE.
  • Live where I want to live.
  • Have life flexibility.
  • Be an artist/writer/creative (minus the starving part.)

My absolute goal is to walk with you on your journey to your ultimate level of success in blogging- whatever you define that to be.

So join the other 400+ bloggers I've been able to coach and encourage since 2015.

If you are ready to join my exclusive squad of committed, focused, educated, success-minded bloggers who are just too legit to quit, are counting up their wins and brushing off their failures and running toward their success stories together...

Here's How We Will Get You There...


The highly targeted, step by step, deep-dive, no fluff blogging program designed to get you on the perfect path for your unique blogging journey so that you can grow your blog, stay focused, ditch comparison, and make the income you want (even if you don't believe it's possible for you).

After Joining Treks to Blog Success You'll Have...

  • Focus. When you determine your Blog Type, you'll literally have a map to guide you step by step to passive income.
  • A sense of being anchored. No more wondering what is your next best step because it's mapped out.
  • Clarity. You'll know why your type of blog matters and why taking a one-size-fits-all approach hasn't worked for you before.
  • Confidence. Confidence that you have a plan to follow and it's perfect for your Type of Blog.
  • Momentum. Finally, make forward progress in the areas that give you the most momentum for the type of blog you have.
  • A Plan. You will know exactly how you should go about making money with your type of blog.
  • A Blog Coach. You'll have face to face access to a blog coach, two times a month.
  • A Support Group. Most successful bloggers will tell you that networking and community were a huge part of their journey toward success. The community associated with this school is drama free and committed.

But above all else, Treks to Blog Success will give you the education, direction and support you've been longing for so that you can ditch the distractions, get focused, know your next best step and step into your own success story with confidence.

Here's What's Inside Treks to Blog Success School

1. Lifestyle Trek To Blog Success

The full Trek to Blog Success Path for Lifestyle Bloggers.


  • 4 Phases of blog success education that lead you from totally newbie, to scaling your blog income.
  • Get on the TREK at any point in your blogging journey to help you re-focus and get grounded again.
  • 40 + Videos & Full-Color Graphic Trainings to take your education to a DEEP-DIVE non-surface base level making implementation is EASY.
  • 350+ Lessons to give you a full blog education that guides you step by step on your unique journey toward a successful blog.

2. Niche Trek To Blog Success

The full Trek to Blog Success School for Niche Bloggers.


  • 5 Phases of blog success education that lead you from total newbie, to scaling your blog income.
  • Get on the TREK at any point in your blogging journey to help you re-focus and get grounded again.
  • 40 + Videos & Full-Color Graphic Trainings to take your education to a DEEP-DIVE non-surface base level making implementation is EASY.
  • 350+ Lessons to give you a full blog education that guides you step by step on your unique journey toward a successful blog.

3. Niche Lifestyle Trek To Blog Success

The full Trek to Blog Success Path for Niche Lifestyle Bloggers.


  • 5 Phases of blog success education that lead you from totally newbie, to scaling your blog income.
  • Get on the TREK at any point in your blogging journey to help you re-focus and get grounded again.
  • 40 + Videos & Full-Color Graphic Trainings to take your education to a DEEP-DIVE non-surface base level making implementation is EASY.
  • 350+ Lessons to give you a full blog education that guides you step by step on your unique journey toward a successful blog.

BONUS #1- Just Start Blogging Course

This is my BRAND NEW start a blog from scratch course that you can use if you are brand new, start another blog or just need a refresher!

It's considered the first leg of every TREK so it has to be here to ensure you have dotted your i's and crossed your t's.

A $49 Value.


  • 43 No-Fluff Lessons Divided into 10 Units that walk you through every part of setting up a blog from conception, to domains, to hosting, to appearance to share-ready!
  • Have a blog up and running in less than 7 days.

BONUS #2: Trekker Time Management, Organization & Goal Setting

The full Trek to Blog Success Path for Lifestyle Bloggers. A $29 Value!


  • 3 Trello Blogging Tool Trainings
  • 5 Lessons of time, Stress, and Family Management as a Blogger.
  • 4 Goal Setting Lessons to help you keep your future goals always in mind.
  • 3 Lessons to help you stay Motivated when you want to give up.

Here's What You'll Get as a Trekker Squad Member.

Included with your annual membership is access to these engaged community and mentorship features.


Join 200 other students in our active and supportive Private Facebook Community where you can ask questions and get feedback from Kim and other community members. (Or just celebrate a win or rant if you want.)


Kim hosts an evening LIVE Q&A Group Zoom call with each TREK one time per month to help you get your individual questions answered and talk face to face with Kim.


Members will have prize based challenges/contests each month that they can participate in to help them implement!

Exclusive Discounts on Kim Anderson Consulting Courses, Products and Services.

Members of the Treks to Success will get early access to and exclusive deals on other products and services for KAC.

It's time to de-clutter your blog journey, get on the right path and FOCUS.

A step-by-step, TREK specific blogging school and support system may be exactly what you need to take control of your future income.

Option #1-

Pay in Full $497 (for 12 month access)

I'm Ready! Let Me Pay in Full!

Option #2-

2 Payment Plan Option

I'm Ready!  Give Me the 2 Payment Plan

Option #3- NEW! FOR 2021

3 Payments of $166

Give me 12 months to help you! When you register, you will get 12 months of access to all the TREKS, the school, the community, the challenges, and the monthly group coaching calls.

And because I hate surprise charges as much as you do, you'll get an email about 1 month before your member renewal letting you know your next year's charge is coming. You can cancel the renewal with ease, continue at $249 per year, or opt-in for a $25 month-to-month option after your first year!