One Happy Holi-DAY at a Time

This DONE FOR YOU, day-by-day, Holiday Calendar & Activity Kit equips you to have your first-ever intentional, memorable, no regret, guided holiday EXPERIENCE with your family.

Even if you normally send your Holiday cards on December 23rd, realize on Christmas Eve you are missing a gift for uncle Joe and have to run to the drug store or perpetually lose your gift wrap scissors only to find them and then lose the tape.

One Happy Holi-DAY at a Time has a pre-filled, guided, intentional holiday activity calendar and implementation e-Kit made for any family who celebrates the holiday season in November and December (religious or non-religious).

After getting your One Happy Holi-DAY at a Time Calendar & Digital Tool Kit you'll:

  • Have tackled one intentional task or activity each day in the month of November and December that leaves you with less stress and happy memories.
  • Avoided the overwhelm of trying to hunt down fun holiday crafts and activities to do with the kids in your life during holiday breaks.
  • Completed two very simple yet impactful intentional acts of kindness for people in your community.
  • Savored the season with some delicious recipes and old family favorites.
  • Spent quality family time and made memories during the, can't get this time back season with your kids.
  • Finished the good intention handmade gifts that you start.
  • Sent your holiday cards early enough for friends and family to enjoy them.

Can we pause one second and be real my Pinterest perfect holiday hunting friend? I'm guessing that if I showed up in your house in December I'd find:

  • A fridge covered in invitations, reminders, and flyers for every event you've over-committed to or are obligated to attend?
  • Lots of ideas and inspiration for fun crafts, handmade gifts, and decorating but no extra time or energy to follow through on it because everyday life, work, and expectations are still going on.
  • Pinterest boards full of fun Holiday baking, activities, and traditions you want to do with your kids but it's all so overwhelming to put together that you keep saying you'll do it tomorrow and suddenly is January 1st? (Yep-done it)

Look, it's not like you are trying to burn out.

You've spent the past few months pinning your favorite ideas to your holiday boards, you've got all the family holiday recipes at the ready, and heck, you could probably open a craft store with all the supplies you have for well-meaning projects you've meant to tackle.

But I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault.

You see those holiday ideals all start and die in the "good-intentions" part of our brains. They are preparation actions that make us FEEL READY to make this the most memorable holiday season ever! But in fact, they get lost, forgotten, and abandoned because we are not the Martha Stewart kind of people we wish we were.

And honestly, it's okay. You JUST need a super simple, one-day-at-a-time, done-for-you PLAN for having a #nofail, intentional, memorable Holiday without ALL THE PRESSURE!


Inside the Tool Kit:

The PLANNED-FOR-YOU Intentional Holiday Printable Calendars

No over-thinking involved- just action taking by using:

  • A printable, pre-filled, one-action-per-day, calendar with an intentional holiday action or activity for every day in November.
  • A printable, pre-filled, one-action-per-day, calendar with an intentional holiday action or activity for every day in December leading up to Dec. 25.
  • Hang them on your fridge and challenge yourself to check off the single intentional living task for each day of the month!

Inside the Tool Kit:

The One Happy HOLI-DAY at a Time Tool Kit

This 39-page PDF e-kit gives you all the day-by-day printables, recipes, directions, instructions, to-do lists, and templates you need help you check off each of the actions on your calendar.

It includes:

  • 6 Holiday Coloring Pages to bring you and your kids together for some stress-reducing coloring therapy.
  • 2 Kids Printable Letter Templates so that your kids can write their letters to Santa and also notes of gratitude to people who give them gifts.
  • One classic Christmas story to read aloud to your kids as they snuggle in the bed on Christmas Eve.
  • 5 Holiday Treat Recipes to fill your home with the scents and tastes of the holidays.
  • Grab your fleece blankets and cuddle up on the couch as you use the Holiday Movie Bucket Lists for Disney+ & Netflix to help get in the holiday spirit.
  • Bring your kids to the table with Family Game Night Ideas + Printable instructions & rules for 3 CLASSIC card games for ages 4 and up.
  • Get the whole family off their devices and engaging as a group for Thanksgiving & Christmas Pictionary or Charades Printable Game.
  • 6 Holiday Checklists to Help You Remember All the Things and Stress Less.
  • 3 Family Friendly Intentional Acts of Kindness Kits to teach your kids the importance of caring for others without anything in return.


  • One Happy Holi-DAY at a Time Printable Pre-Filled November Calendar
  • One Happy Holi-DAY at a Time Printable December Pre-Filled Calendar
  • One 39 Page Happy Holi-DAY PDF Calendar Implementation Tool Kit

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I'm Kim Anderson!

As a stay at home, I was able to take control of the money I had control over and help our family successfully pay off our remaining $93,000 in mortgage debt in under 2 years on one income.

I'm not a money geek, I sucked at math in school and I hate spreadsheets. In fact, I have diagnosed adult ADHD.

One day I decided to get off the budget struggle bus, live with intention and create systems that I could stick with that would help me make a difference in my family's finances, life and routine!

My goal is to help you take whatever money and resources you have and create a life you really love.