One Happy Summer Week at a Time is a done-for-you, 9-week kit that equips you with simple themed weekly routines, printable activities, and no-cost/low-cost ideas to avoid summer learning loss & keep kids anchored.

  • Print simple visual goal guides that help motivate your kids to stay active and avoid summer learning loss.
  • 9 weeks of done-for-you-themed packs to fill in the gaps of your long summer days with engaging S.T.E.A.M style printables and simple activities/recipes.
  • Lean into the simplicity of weekly & daily routines that will help keep your kids entertained, excited, and directed without tons of extra effort on your part.

The Kit Is Simple to Use

1. Set Goals & Create Rewards

Print out the goal sheets based on what items you want the child to work on over the summer.

Goals include Chores, Physical Activity, Reading & a Family Summer Bucket List.

2. Get Your Kids Tracking

Each time your child completes a goal, they color in the icon on the goal sheet.

For example, if you want your child to read for 20 minutes, then each day they read for 20 minutes, they can color in a book on the Reading Goals Printable.

If they get at least 5 colored in, they get their reward for that week.

3. Pick Your Theme

Each Sunday or Monday you can print off a new theme pack. Go in any order that you want. Print in color or greyscale. There are 9 weeks of themes that include:

  • Camping
  • Beach Day
  • Insect
  • Secret Agent
  • Dinosaurs
  • Space
  • Sports
  • Robots
  • Jungle

4. Plan The Week

Each week you'll print off your schedule and fill in the blanks for various day-to-day activities like lunch and specific fun activities like library outings or community pool days.

Plus your kids will be able to pick/vote on the top 3 activities they want to participate in that week from the themed list of activity suggestions.

5. Use the Printables

When you need to fill in some time gaps in the day, put the printables out on the table and let the kids choose!

Each week has a unique set of printables to match the new theme.

All the printable activities are S.T.E.A.M based to keep your kids' brains active all summer long!

6. Take Advantage Of The Bonuses

In addition to weekly themed out packets you can also use:

  • Kids Pen Pal Success Pack
  • Summer Survival Pack
  • Kids Visual Routine Printables

Read more about these in the product descriptions below!

What People Are Saying...

"The One Happy Summer Week at Time Kit is exactly what I needed to make sure my boys don't spend all summer playing Minecraft.  The balance of hands-on activities and recommended movies/shows are perfect. This is the only kit I've found that has activities my kids will love but doesn't make my non-crafty brain run screaming - thank you!"

- Sarah (Work at Home Mom of 2)

"I love the freedom of summer vacation but too many days without a plan is just not a good idea. This summer kit solves the problem perfectly. Tons of great ideas ready to go! We can use the theme as is or be inspired to come up with even more ideas of our own for a favorite theme. I especially love the Pen Pal Kit bonus. It walks my kids through the process, step by step, and gives writing prompts to help them come up with ideas of what to say in the letter. Easy peasy happy mail!"

- Sheila (Mom of 3)

What's Inside the Kit?

5-Page Quick Start Instruction Guide

9 Weekly Themed Kits

  • Camping Theme Kit
  • Jungle Theme Kit
  • Dinosaur Theme Kit
  • Sports Theme Kit
  • Robot Theme Kit
  • Insect Theme Kit
  • Beach Theme Kit
  • Space Theme Kit
  • Secret Agent Kit

Each Weekly Themed Kit Contains:

  • 12-14 Pages
  • A Top 3 Activity Planner with Boredom Busting Ideas
  • A list of streaming shows, movies, and documentaries for kids from Disney +, Netflix & Prime Video to match the week's theme.
  • An hourly blank family routine schedule. You can print one per day or one per week depending on how your routine or schedule changes from day to day.
  • Kids Coloring Pages and Advanced/Adult coloring pages so you or older kids have the option to color too!
  • Printable puzzles and word activities to power up your kids brains.
  • Pen Pal Stationery to match the week's theme.
  • "My Favorite Activity The Week" reflection sheet for kids to color and draw on. Keep these 9 sheets together and at the end of the summer, you'll have a simple way to remember your child's favorite memories from each week.

BONUS #1- Kids Pen Pal Success Pack

  • 16 Page eGuide
  • Teaches kids about how "snail mail" works.
  • Info on how to find a pen pal.
  • How to format a letter to a friend.
  • How to Address an Envelope + Fun Stamp Facts
  • What to Write Prompts for kids who aren't sure what to say in a letter or need a visual sentence to copy.
  • Writing Prompts include: Greetings, "How" Questions, "What Is" Questions, "Do You" Questions, Favorites, This Week I, When Questions, Letter Endings.
  • Fun pen pal activities you can do with your pen pal as you send your notes back and forth including: Pen Pal Crossword Puzzles, Pen Pal Wordsearch & Pen Pal Coloring Pages!

BONUS #2- Summer Survival Pack

  • 13 Page PDF Pack
  • Boredom Busting Emergency Kit Checklist (A list of items you can get from the dollar store to keep in a box for instant access to easy activities for your kids).
  • Quick Glance Boredom Busting Ideas- In case you are desperate to get the kids doing something and are out of ideas.
  • Summer Slime Recipe Kit
  • Mall Scavenger Hunt to get the kids out of the house without having to spend money at the mall.
  • Class Card Game Rules and Instructions
  • Water Activity Bag Checklist to make sure you make it to the pool with everything you need, every time.
  • Summer Camp Packing List for overnight camp.

BONUS #3- Visual Routines For Kids

  • If you have younger kids or kids who do better with a picture-based routine then you'll want to use this fun bonus.
  • 8 Page PDF
  • Instructions on how to set up your daily and weekly visual routine and cut out pictures.
  • Includes Visual Daily Routine Time Block printable pages that help you keep the family on track at key times throughout the day with specific, pre-planned activities and mealtimes.
  • Includes a Visual Weekly Routine Block page that helps your kids anticipate "when" you will do special outings throughout the week and what days you plan to do them.


  • One Happy Summer Week at a Time ($24.99 value)
  • FREE BONUS #1- Kids Pen Pal Success Pack ($4.99 value)
  • FREE BONUS #2- S.O.S Summer Survival Pack ($4.99 value)
  • FREE BONUS #3- Visual Routines For Kids Printables ($4.99 value)

A $40 Value

Summer Flash Sale- Only $9.99

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Commonly Asked Questions

What ages is this kit appropriate for?

This kit is designed for kids ages pre-school to 5th grade.

Who is the kit made for?

Parents, grandparents, nannies, childcare workers, or babysitters. Pretty much anyone who will be spending at least a few hours per week with kids and needs a plan/schedule for keeping kids entertained.

What supplies do I need to be able to use this kit?

On a basic level, all you need is a computer or smartphone that has the ability to send a print job to your printer. You'll need printer ink (black & white is fine) & basic printer paper.

In some cases, if you decide to do the recipes or simple craft activities you'll have a list of just a few supplies to get that should cost less than $10.

In the Summer Survival Pack BONUS, I provide a list of everyday dollar store items you may want to keep around for times when you want to give your kids more fun activities outside of the themed week.

Do I have to print all the pages?

Nope. Each themed kit comes with pages that you can read/view as a full-color PDF (like recipes or activity instructions) without printing. Printable pages are made to be printer-friendly and most can be printed in greyscale.

What if I don't own a printer?

If you don't own a printer you can always take the PDF file to the library to be printed in grey-scale or down to your local office supply store to be printed in black & white. In both cases, you simply need the ability to email the files and someone at each place can help you navigate the print job.

How do I access the PDF's after I pay for them?

There are two options for accessing your kit and I'll break them down below.

Option #1 - Direct Email Access

This option is best for people who want quick access without needing to create a log in.

When you choose Direct Email Access you'll go through our secure Stripe checkout, you'll be providing an email address. As soon as your transaction is complete you'll get an email in your inbox within 5 minutes from, Your Product Order Download with an Order# in the title (see example below).

Inside the Product Order Download email, you will find a link, and that link will take you to a download page where you will find a download button for each PDF in the kit (see image below). *Be sure you save your email in case you need to go back and download the files again in the future.

Option #2 - Online School Access

If you hate navigating and finding emails, you can check out through my school. That way your kit will be stored in an easy-to-navigate format in one spot that you can go back to over and over again without having to look through your emails.

This option will prompt you to set up a student account and login with my school (if you haven't already) before checking out but your kit will live on in the school and you can log in and access it anytime you want (see image below).

Why is this product in digital PDF form?

I make digital PDF products for several reasons:

1) Instant Access - no waiting & no shipping costs.

2) Flexibility- In the digital form, you aren't limited to a single copy so if your child makes a mistake you can just print a new copy. You can also print enough pages for the kids you have.

3) Lifetime Access- With a PDF format, you can re-use this planner each summer.


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