To all my bloggers who want to add coaching or consulting to their online business plan...

Who are ridiculously passionate about using their skills and talents to help people on a daily basis but are struggling to get to the point where you wake up with new booking notifications on your calendar and emails from paying clients gushing about how much you've helped them... I've got a question for you...

What's the difference between...

What's the difference between having a thriving coaching business online that allows you to help your ideal customers who trust your advice or direction while making the time you trade for money totally worth it...

...and having clients who just take the free discovery calls and never come back or worse...

... your only able to book your friends, family or neighbors who still don't take your advice?

If you guessed...

  • Having a huge blog list... you'd be wrong.
  • Having a blog with a ton of traffic... you'd be wrong.
  • Having a book deal... nope that's not it either.
  • Investing THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in COACHING CERTIFICATION programs - nope.

You see, the truth is that paying tons of money for a digital coaching badge, tons of strangers coming to your website, random email subscribers and all the things like that won't create a base of clients itching to pay for your service, help or advice.

So why does generating a full-time income from an online coaching or consulting based business seem like a pipe dream for dedicated, people loving entrepreneurs (like yourself) instead of easy peasy, client finding, money printing machine that all those overpriced online coaching certification programs make it out to be?

1. You aren't confident that anyone will pay you to give them advice or provide your services.

2. You constantly give your time away for free because you don't feel "right" charging for your services yet.

3. You second guess your authority to do the business you want to do.

4. You feel like you need an external entities stamp of approval before you can do the thing you know you are already REALLY good at.

But There's Good News...

Growing a legit online coaching based business is easier than ever because honestly... technology makes it ridiculously easy.

Look, if you have read this far down the page then you already know that creating an online coaching, consulting or service-based portion of your online business is crucial to your dreams of fulfillment and life flexibility.

A business that let's you...

💪 Wake up each day only having to worry about changing your shirt, staying in your pajama pants and bunny slippers while working with your ideal clients on your laptop.

☎️ Confidently provide an income for your family that allows your other hard-working family members or spouse the much-needed breathing room to slow down, quit, or retire.

👩‍💻 Do your work from an internet cafe in Paris as you drink wine, delight in fancy cheeses and crunch on baguettes.

But what you might not know is there's a simple 3 Phase Program that has the power to:

💸 Help you build out a cohesive service-based business that creates sources of both passive and non-passive income.

🙅‍♀️ Eliminates your need to worry about other competition.

🤩 Help you grow a client base of raving clients who are actually excited to purchase everything you make.

😄 Help you build a totally flexible life with a job you find fulfilling every single day.

🏋️‍♀️ Gives you the total confidence to lean into what you know and make money from it without second guessing yourself.

The 3 Phases to Online Coaching & Consulting Success

After coaching 400+ bloggers, one thing became very clear to me. You can give bloggers a path, but you can't put them in box because not all blog approaches are created equal.

Understand the Type of Service Business That You Are Building.

Service-based businesses are all different and based on what kind of service you are offering and who you are offering it to, it dictates some of the parts of the business you are building and how you will build it.

Phase 1 - Firm Foundations

In the first phase, I'm going to help you decide on your unique approach, your expertise and totally own it so you can start your business with confidence.

You can get over the hump of just getting started by:

  • Knowing your unique value proposition.
  • Understanding your target audience and how that plays into your business approach.
  • Deciding if you REALLY need a certification or not.
  • Owning your expertise and getting over your mental negative self talk hurdles.
  • Deciding on your product plan offerings and pricing with confidence.
  • Making your product plan for physical, digital, course or membership products.
  • And more...

Phase 2 - Getting Your Coaching Going

If you are ready to start coaching, we don't need to wait. Why spend all that time naming, domaining, and creating your coaching website if you are too afraid to start taking on clients?

In this phase, you'll learn all the most important pieces of creating a basic, minimum viable coaching website set up.

A structure that keeps you from getting stuck in square 1 and helps you move on to other more important (a more fun) parts of coaching but also the confidence to know that it's set up legally and correctly!

You can avoid searching the internet for hours looking for answers to your questions like...

  • Should I make this a separate website or combine it with my blog?
  • Should I use Wordpress or another platform?
  • How do I decide on pricing?
  • How do I communicate my offerings?
  • What booking software should I choose?
  • What questions should I ask new clients in the onboarding process?
  • How do I structure a client meeting so I don't look like a total newbie?
  • And more...

Phase 3 - Authority & Trust Building

Just because you build it, doesn't mean that they will come. In Phase 3 you'll discover the most important places you need to be and the content you need to produce to grow an audience of raving fans and clients who are excited to pay you for your time.

Tasks that will help you set the foundations that turn readers, listeners or random internet people into "take my money" clients.

You can avoid the very common fear of success and go full steam ahead tackling:

  • Which content creation strategy is best for your coaching business.
  • Email list growth & communication based on the TYPE of business that you have.
  • Strategies that turn a cold audience into a Pit Bull , "Fireball!" kind of audience.
  • Knowing where to invest your time for the best return on clients.
  • And more...

Why Should You Learn from Me?

In case we haven't met before...

I'm Kim Anderson.

Back in 2013 I started a Thrifty Lifestyle blog from scratch that allowed me to:

  • Create a full-time income from my thrifty lifestyle blog (while being a stay at home mom of 3)
  • Allow my husband to quit an electrical engineering job he felt unsatisfied in and a commute that sucked.
  • Write a traditionally published book.
  • Travel and get paid to speak at events around the United States.
  • Create 2 popular podcasts.
  • Have life-flexibility.
  • Create a six-figure coaching-based business.
  • I've worked with over 400 bloggers to build their own online businesses.
  • Create a thriving membership program.
  • Create my own in-person retreats and events for clients.

In this program, I'm going to teach you not only how I created my six-figure coaching business but also how you can take your expertise and knowledge and turn it into cash for you and your family to thrive on in a realistic, step by step, down to earth way, whether you plan to have a business to business or business to consumer approach.

This isn't a get rich quick kind of course. It's a journey toward building something sustainable.

Kim's Mentored Retreat, Colorado Springs, CO

Kim's Mentored Retreat, Charlotte, NC

If you are ready to take your love of working with people and all that awesome knowledge and skill you have to create a business you love...

Here's How We Will Get You There...


Just Start Coaching is focused, step-by-step, no BS program designed to help you get a calculated coaching, consulting or service based online business off the ground so you can serve your clients using your skills and abilities (even if you don't think it's possible for you).

After Joining Just Start Coaching You'll Have...

  • A service based business website and/or sales pages launched so you can professionally book your clients as soon as you are ready.
  • Confidence in your ability to own your expertise and make money sharing it.
  • A plan for building strategic authority with the content you create that attracts the perfect clients that you enjoy working with.
  • A professional format for your coaching or consulting calls.
  • Systems in place for managing your clients, work, appointments, bookings and never missing a meeting.
  • Systems in place that help you follow up and stay in touch with your clients on autopilot.
  • Created and launched a podcast or youtube channel based on your content creation plan.
  • Launched your coaching or consulting business in 12 Weeks.

But above all else, Just Start Coaching will give you the education, direction and hands on help you really need to get out of your own way and finally launch your online based service business you've been considering for awhile now!

Here's What's Inside the Just Start Coaching Program:

Just Start Coaching Online Course

The full course that covers the 3 Phases of starting Your coaching or consulting business.

Value: $597


  • 3 Phases of coaching success education that will lead you from total newbie to professional coach or consultant.
  • Videos to help you understand how to set up all the important technial features that will make your life as a coach or consultant, easy peasy and prevent you from chasing money down AFTER your services have been rendered.
  • Videos and tutorials on setting up your online presence to take on clients.
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Two Group Zoom Calls to discuss your business during the 12 Week Class.
  • Lifetime access to the course after the 12 Weeks is over.

BONUS #1: Just Start Podcasting Full Length Course

My full length podcasting start up course that walks you through creating, recording, editing and launching a podcast in as little as two weeks.

Value: $97


  • 5 Units of Podcast Creation Education
  • Worksheets to help you stay focused and on track as you produce your podcast.
  • Step by step tutorials that show you the most economical ways to start a podcast with little to no overhead.
  • Videos that teach you how to edit your podcast and publish it even if you've never done editing before!

BONUS #2: Client Email AutoPilot: 10 Client Email Templates For Engaging Your Customers

The handy dandy PDF of email templates will help you know what to write to your clients to make them feel welcome and important.

Value $29

Includes 10 pages of fill in the blank email templates for engaging your customers.


What if you could have your coaching or consulting business launched in just 12 weeks?

Package Value: $723

Your Price: $497

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