New! The Easy Peasy Pinning Plan

A Done-For-You Pinterest Pinning Plan You Can Finally Stick With (even if you've never been able to be consistent in the past).


Are you a blogger who wants to tap into free Pinterest traffic to your blog but can't seem to "get it together" when it comes to getting into the the pinning game?

If you are like many bloggers, you hear all these people talking about all this crazy traffic that they get from Pinterest to their blogs. You know it's working for them, so why isn't it working for you?

  • You may be doing your best to make better graphics.
  • Maybe you're trying all the strategies that have worked for other people.
  • You may be making 3-5 new pins for every post.
  • Some days it can feel like a full-time job to fill up your Pinterest scheduler tool or schedule out tons of pins per day.

And then, if we are honest, you are probably getting burned out.

And so you stop.

Because the level of pinning you are trying to maintain is just.too.much.

In fact, you'll go days, weeks, or months without pinning because you are frustrated that it's so hard to be consistent and you aren't sure the effort pays off!

All the while, you know in the back of your mind that you are missing out on FREE traffic from Pinterest but it just feels too hard to be consistent.

Here's the deal >> It's not your fault that you live on the pin struggle bus!

The fact is, pin strategies are worthless to you if you can't maintain them. And while some bloggers can maintain a mega Pinterest spreadsheet strategy or outsource it to a virtual assistant, you are a solopreneur doing your best to grow your blog-based business on your own!

What you need instead is a very simple, done-for-you VISUAL plan that you can actually implement and maintain without getting overwhelmed or confused.

The Easy Peasy Pinning Plan!

The Easy Peasy Pinning Plan Includes:

#1- The Easy Peasy Pinning Plan Online Course by Kim Anderson

Time to ditch complicated pin strategies that you can't maintain. Here's how the Easy Peasy Pining Plan Course Works:

  • This class walks you through 6 steps in about 1 hour that when completed, will have you set up to pin for the next 6 months.
  • Super simple, action-focused lessons that ensure you finish the educational materials!
  • Includes done-for-you fill in the blank printable trackers so you can set it up and start implementing immediately (without mental burnout on the course materials before you even get started).
  • Plus you can print 12 months of stat tracking sheets that help you see what's working at a glance in about 15 minutes per month.
  • Bonus Lesson- Experimenting with Shoppable Pins
  • $49 Value

Bonus Pinning Plan 1- Niche Board Easy Peasy Pinning Plan By Kim Anderson

12 Months of Done-For-You Visual Tracking Sheets for people with niche boards:

  • Got niche boards?
  • Got niche content?
  • This is a plan to help you seamlessly pin your niche content throughout one year!
  • $19 Value

Bonus Pinning Plan 2- Holiday Easy Peasy Pinning Plan By Kim Anderson

The Holiday Easy Peasy Pinning Plan:

  • Never miss pinning consistently through another high-earning holiday season with this simple to follow September-December holiday content pin plan.
  • Use this plan on its own or pair it with the Niche Pin Plan or the 30in6 Pin Plan.
  • $19 Value

The Easy Peasy Pin Action Pack Creator:

Meet Kim.

Kim Anderson has been blogging since 2013 and has been able to turn her lifestyle blog into a full-time income for her family. In fact, she made enough blogging that her husband was able to exit his engineering career and a terrible commute so he could work for himself.

Kim is also a traditionally published author and blog coach. She helps people create passive income with their blog-based business through consistency and clear-cut education.

Questions Smart Bloggers Ask:

Who is the Easy Peasy Pinning Plan for?

This pinning plan was created for bloggers who:

  • Have at least 25 posts published on their blogs.
  • Who regularly struggle to pin consistently.
  • Have limited amounts of time to spend on pinning.
  • Haven't found a pinning plan that works for them yet.

If you already have a strategy in place that you can maintain and that is working for you, then you DON'T need this plan. If it ain't broke- don't fix it.

Do I need Tailwind or a 3rd party pin scheduler to keep up with this plan?

No. This pinning plan is designed to help you maintain a consistent pin plan using Pinterest's free native pinning and scheduling tools. However, you are able to use the system to plan, track and fill up your 3rd party scheduling tool.

Will I need to create a spreadsheet to track this pinning plan?

Nope. This done-for-you pinning plan is designed to be printed and tracked by hand.

I don't have a lot of time for another course. How long will it take me to go through the educational action steps?

This is a very quick course that should take you between 1-2 hours total to complete both the education and pin plan.

How many pins per day will I be pinning?

This pinning plan is set up to get you consistently pinning one pin (to your own blog content) per day for 6 months at a time. The Easy Peasy Pinning plan is also designed to keep you from "spamming" your own Pinterest boards by keeping a considerable interval between re-pins (that you don't have to figure out because the plan does it for you automatically. Wew Hoo!).

Note: If you want to pin more than one pin per day I show you in the class how to use the Easy Peasy Pinning Plan to pin more than one pin to more than one board if you decide to go that route.

How many "new" pins do I have to create with this pinning plan?

With this pinning plan, you can create a new pin for each day or recycle an old pin. However, the current "best practice " from Pinterest experts is to create a new image for old URLs and publish new content. I'll show you how to batch pins using Canva inside the course.

How long do I have access to the Easy Peasy Pinning Plan?

You'll have lifetime access to the Easy Peasy Pinning Plan + any updates to the Easy Peasy Pinning Plan going forward.

If I'm brand new to Pinterest? Will this class teach me how to set up my Pinterest Business account?

This is not really a Pinterest course, it's done for you pinning plans/schedules with pin graphic templates. I expect students to already have a working baseline knowledge of Pinterest and at least have a Pinterest business account created.

This class will walk you through these items for the purposes of implementing the strategy:

  • Keywording your profile.
  • How to create a board and name a board.
  • How to keyword boards and pins.
  • How to create a pin.
  • How to edit pin templates.
  • How to publish and schedule a pin inside of Pinterest.
  • A brief lesson on the new shoppable pins.

How many posts do I need on my blog to make the Easy Peasy Pinning Plan work for me?

You will want to have at least 25 posts published to be able to implement this pinning plan.

Easy Peasy Pinning Plan Testimonials:

"At first, I was doubtful that this would work because in the beginning, I saw a decline, but I kept going and after a couple of weeks, it shifted. From then, it is just up and up.  The last 90 days report shows 99% increase in impressions, 88% in audience, 149% increase in Engagements (organic, from my pins traffic to my website). 68% increase in traffic coming from Pinterest!"

- Lou

"My Pinterest sessions are up 35%. The super-simple system approach helped me establish a consistent posting strategy while avoiding overwhelm. It's the first I've been able to maintain and I'm thrilled with the results. Plus, by focusing just on pinning my own content I was able to save money by dropping Tailwind."  

- Natalie

"The best part of using this system for me was getting back into the habit of pinning. I hadn’t pinned anything for almost 6 months until the challenge. Now I’m pinning regularly (but with a scheduling app)."

- Lycia

The decision you make in the next 10 seconds could dictate the trajectory of your traffic growth in the next 6 months.

Ready to FINALLY get on the path to consistent confident pinning? Every day counts toward building your pin momentum! Give me 1 hour and you'll be on your way to pin confidence!

Action Pack Value: $87

Your Special Price: $49

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