One Task at a Time Home Chaos Cleanse

This DONE FOR YOU, task-by-task, kit equips you to declutter the top 10 areas of your home.

Even if you normally get way in over your head on decluttering projects where you clean out and then find you are left with the excessive aftermath that you don't know how to deal with so you shove it a grocery bag and walk away.

Even if you regularly experience starting a declutter project in one area and then slowly migrate from room to room half doing 6 decluttering projects and then having nothing to show for it.

One Task at a Time Home Chaos Cleanse has pre-made checklists, guides, and mindset resets for the 10 messiest, most cluttered areas of your home. This e-Kit is made for any person who needs to do regular or seasonal chaos cleanses of their home but struggle to finish what they start.


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After getting your One Task at a Time Chaos Cleanse & Digital Tool Kit you'll:

  • Have tackled ten intentional cleaning or decluttering tasks that you've been putting off.
  • Feel in control of your home so you can stress less.
  • Have a go-to guide for regularly refreshing your home.
  • Have a clean and clear family landing zone without the paper piles.
  • Enjoy a clean fridge without the science experiments lurking deep within.
  • Have tackled cleaning the linens around your home that may not get cleaned as often as others.
  • Decluttered a closet to the point where you don't feel overwhelmed opening the door.
  • Cleaned out the dust bunnies that lead to allergies and other issues.
  • Feel calm and collected while driving around in your clean family vehicle.
  • Access a clean and organized bathroom that keeps you on schedule for your daily and nightly routine.
  • Inventory and clean out the pantry while creating a menu plan simultaneously.
  • Clean out and refresh one of your go-to backpacks, gym bags or other items.
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Can we pause one second and be real my organized chaos friend? I'm guessing that if I showed up at your house at any given time I'd find:

  • A room of your house or closet space that you use to shove all the things you just.can' or don't know what to do with.
  • A closet full of clothes overwhelms you because you've got new clothes, goal clothes, old clothes, and most of it you don't even really feel that great in.
  • A car that you desperately want to keep clean but can't because every time you load up the kids a new cup, snack, toy, shoe, sock, or piece of sports equipment is left on the floorboard while you scurry about your tight family schedule.
  • You've got areas of your house that you don't clean as regularly as you would like because you live in survival mode most days.

Look, it's not like you are trying to burn out.

You've probably got Pinterest boards full of cleaning hacks. You've got chore charts your kids use for 3 days, and then they forget about it. You've tried to "spark joy" you've tried to "tidy" but you just can't maintain it and you feel like an utter failure.

But I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault.

You see as women we often get hyped up to be the best most organized version of ourselves. We buy cleaners, storage containers, baskets, books, and systems that make us FEEL READY to be minimalist clutter busters. But in fact, the motivation gets lost, forgotten, and abandoned because we are not the Marie Kondo kind of people we wish we were.

And honestly, it's okay. You JUST need a super simple, one-task-at-a-time, done-for-you PLAN for having a #nofail, intentional, quick win system without ALL THE PRESSURE!


Inside the Tool Kit:

The One Task at a Time Home Chaos Cleanse eKit

This 50-page PDF ekit gives you all the simple directions and to-do lists you need to help keep you anchored and focused for each task you tackle.

It includes:

  • 2 Page Guide to Mentally Prepping the Organized Chaos brain for success.
  • The 6 Action Anchors You Need To Use Everytime You Clean or Declutter
  • A simple homemade cleaning solution recipe.
  • My top 2 secrets for getting help with my chaos cleanse from other members of the family.
  • Family Landing Zone Cleanse Guide
  • Fridge and Freezer Clean Out Decision-Making Guide + Checklist
  • Refresh Shopping Lists
  • Linen Clean, Cleanse, and Refresh Checklist
  • The Closet Overhaul Decision-Making Guide
  • The Closet Cleanse Checklist
  • Guide to Ditching Dust + Checklist
  • Side Table Cleaning Checklist
  • Bathroom Declutter Project Guide + Checklist
  • Pantry & Spice Rack Cleanse Guide + Checklist
  • Pantry, Freezer, Fridge Menu Planner
  • Guide + Checklist to cleaning out bags, backpacks, and gym bags.

Inside the Tool Kit:

The Divide & Conquer Quick Glance List

No over-thinking involved- just action taking by using:

  • A printable, pre-filled, quick glance list of the 10 items you'll tackle when you cleanse the chaos on your home.




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I'm Kim Anderson!

As a stay at home, I was able to take control of the money I had control over and help our family successfully pay off our remaining $93,000 in mortgage debt in under 2 years on one income.

I'm not a money geek, I sucked at math in school and I hate spreadsheets. In fact, I have diagnosed adult ADHD.

One day I decided to stop trying to change the way I'm wired and I decided to embrace it and use it for good. My goal is to help women who thrive in organized chaos to stress less, remember more, and feel in control of their lives.

Every one of my tools works to make this your reality.