Can we get real for a second my chronic monthly budget failing friend?

If I were to be a fly on the wall of your life right now would I discover any of these scenarios?

  • You have regular "heated discussions" with your spouse about money.
  • You've made budgets before but after about a week you either forget about it, abandon the plan or get hit with some unexpected bill?
  • You have things you'd really like to buy but you either feel guilty about buying them or don't feel that you have enough funds to justify purchasing them?
  • You wish you could contribute more financially to your family?
  • You wish you could fund more fun vacations or trips for your family without putting them family into debt to do so?

It's not like you don't want to get your financial life together.

You've tried budget binders, spreadsheets, apps, and all kinds of other money systems but the fact of the matter is that you ultimately abandon each one over time.

I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault.

You see those money management tools weren't built for "tangible loving" people like me and you who have always struggled in math class, loathed spreadsheets, and dreaded "budget meetings" with our spouse.

Which is why you need a "tangible" system for controlling spending and managing money that gives you financial empowerment based on the way your brain works.


The Cash Fueled Life System

A super simple, no spreadsheets needed, TANGIBLE monthly money management system that empowers you to spend without worry, fund the things you want and do what you can do to manage the family finances with or without our spouse participating.

After completing the Cash Fueled Life eGuide & Workbook you'll:

  • Be able to stay on a budget with your tangible system, even if you've struggled to do it in the past.
  • Have the freedom to spend money without guilt or worry.
  • Become more strategic in how you spend money so you can fund more of things you want or want to do in life.
  • Feel empowered you to control the money you have control over.
  • Be equipped to avoid money disputes with your spouse.


Inside the eGuide:

The Cash Fueled Life eGuide.

Here's what's inside this 45-page full-color Cash Fueled Life system eGuide.

  • Chapter 1: Staying Motivated and Knowing Your Why
  • Chapter 2: Adopting the Right Cash Mindset
  • Chapter 3: Defining Your Cash Fueled Categories
  • Chapter 4: Physical Cash & Contactless Payment Options
  • Chapter 5: Going to the Bank
  • Chapter 6: How to Keep Your Cash Organized.
  • Chapter 7: How to Use this System in Your Real Life
  • Chapter 8: Determine What You Want Your Money To Do
  • Chapter 9: Three Ways You Can Fuel Your Money Goals
  • Chapter 10: How to Monitor Your Progress
  • Chapter 11: How to make Cash a Way of Life

Inside the Printable Workbook.

The Cash Fueled Life Workbook

Here's what's inside this 15-page workbook.

  • Step by Step Activity Pages to Implement and work through what you are learning in the eGuide.
  • 90 Day Fund Your Goals Planner Pages
  • The Cash Fueled Life Grocery Shopping Planner Pages
  • The Cash Fueled Life Income Generation Planner Pages


I'm Kim Anderson!

As a stay at home, I was able to take control of the money I had control over and help our family successfully pay off our remaining $93,000 in mortgage debt in under 2 years on one income.

I'm not a money geek, I sucked at math in school and I hate spreadsheets.

One day I decided to get off the budget struggle bus and create a system that I could stick with that would help me make a difference in my family's finances.

My goal is to help you take whatever money you have to work with and use it to fuel a life you love!


  • Cash Fueled Life eGuide ($49 value)
  • Cash Fueled Life Workbook ($10 value)

ALL FOR $29 $19