Ditch One-Size-Fits all blog planners and build one every 12 Weeks that ACTUALLY serves your current goals.

  • Are you a paper and pen person who just can't seem to find a planner that works for your blog?
  • Do you have all your blog ideas, projects, and plans spread around your desk or house on random pieces of paper?
  • Do you wish you had a central home base for all your blog goals, notes, ideas, and planning?
  • Are you ready to have a place to anchor your focus and momentum so you can SEE your progress day by day?
  • Ready to make goals that actually matter?

You can get your blog organized today, even if you have struggled to find the right planner in the past. This isn't just a planner, it's a planner with a systematic approach.

Grab the Last Blog Planner You'll Ever Need to Buy

  • Go through the 23 Page, 4-step, Blog Goal Overhaul training PDF to understand how to start broad and narrow your goals down.
  • Re-use the 4 step system every 12 weeks to reset & refresh your blog planner pages.
  • Use the activity sheets to guide you through the goal-setting process with ease in about 1 hour.
  • Print out your own customized planner pages and build a planner that supports the goals you've set in the overhaul process.

"Kim’s Ultimate Blog Planner was the first planner that actually worked for me! I love how she has you organize your goals and break them down from yearly dreams to daily tasks. She takes the guesswork out of planning content for your blog. She also includes a blog outline template and SEO checklist that making writing a well-written blog post a breeze. Can’t recommend it enough! "

-Taran, Undomesticmom.com

Ready To Get Started?

  • Blog Goal Overhaul 23 Page PDF Training Guide ($29 value)
  • Blog Goal Overhaul Basic Blog Planner ($29 value)
  • Bonus- SEO Printable Planner Pages and Checklists
  • Bonus- Post Outline Printable Planner Pages
  • Bonus- Funnel Planning Printable Pages
  • Bonus- Product Planning Printable Pages


I'm ready to build my planner!


I'm Kim Anderson!

I've been blogging since 2013 and have been able to turn my lifestyle blog into a full-time income for my family. In fact, I made enough that my husband was able to leave his engineering career and a terrible commute so he could work for himself.

I aspire to help you set your own goals for blogging success and help you meet them!