What if you could confidently create and launch a new source of passive income for your blog in just 12 weeks?

Looking to diversify your blog income streams? Products & tripwires is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start generating a brand new source of income.

If you are waiting for the "right" time to make a product for your blog then this is it!

There is no "magic" time to make a new product.

There is no magic traffic number.

There is no threshold of email subscribers that you need to meet.

Why? Because when done well products can create passive income in the same way that you make affiliate sales passively and gain email subscribers passively!

What if you could create at least one new stream of income for your blog in just 12 weeks?

Wouldn't it be exciting to see something that you made start to create passive income on your blog without having to wait for an affiliate sale or good traffic season?

Then you need this Product + Tripwire Creation Blitz Bootcamp.

The fact is, you can keep chasing traffic like crazy, or you can set aside a strategic amount of time to pivot, create a digital product and start making items or services you can sell as soon as you make them!

Here's what you get with the 12 Week Self-Guided Class.

1. An online step by step planning and implementation program designed to create and launch a product and/or tripwire in 12 Weeks.  

2. A 12 Week Pop-Up Facebook group to ask questions and to keep you going!

3. Videos, Printables, and Planners to make it through the 12 Week's empowered for progress.

4. Motivation and inspiration to blog with the kind of focus you have probably NEVER experienced before! 

In this 12 Week, hyper-focused Bootcamp, I'm going to walk you through my step-by-step system of developing your online business product plan, deciding what to make next and walk you through the logistics of creation, copy, sales pages, launching and measuring your conversions. Plus you'll have engaged support from me, Kim Anderson and the small group of peer blitzers in the Facebook group!

Meet Your Blog Mentor

In case we haven't met...

I'm Kim Anderson. 

  • I've been blogging since 2013.
  • In 2016, I wrote a traditionally published book in six months while caring for newborn twins. Live, Save, Spend, Repeat: The Life You Want with the Money You Have
  • In 2017 my husband was able to quit his full-time electrical engineering job as a branch manager and decide what he REALLY wanted to be when he grew up because of blogging.
  • I have a successful Party, Celebration and Gathering Blog. 
  • I'm a professional speaker.
  • I host the Just Keep Blogging Podcast.
  • I've coached over 300 bloggers in just 3 years. 
  • They call me the blogging shrink.
  • I've heard it all. Helped it all. And I'm ready to help you get momentum. 
  • Trust me. I'm REALLY good at this stuff.

Here's what I'll be teaching...


We will start by making a plan for this product and the other products that make the most sense for your business now and in the future.


Next, we will finalize the product, format, price, and delivery method that make the product appealing to your unique audience.


If you feel like the technical or logistical side of product creation is holding you back, you won't after this Blitz. One step at a time, week by week we will make this product come to life.  


We will take the overwhelm out of writing copy, creating sales pages and getting your product ready to sell!


Launching may be the most overwhelming part of product creation for many people but with this Blitz Bootcamp, you'll get access to one of the SIMPLEST LAUNCH strategies that absolutely works!

You'll also learn to look at real numbers to see what to expect as well as how to measure how well your sales are going.

What Blitz Students Are Saying...

There are a whole lot of working parts in creating products, so many there's been times I've been overwhelmed and popped in Netflix instead.  Kim's product blitz really broke down everything into manageable steps.  I love the products I've made with her help, and little by little I'm moving towards a set of products I'd want to buy myself.  I've made a few sales so far and I haven't even properly launched yet!

- Elizabeth of elizabethmadethis.com

Kim’s product blitz was instrumental in getting me focused on both my larger business strategy and on the practicalities of building a product. Kim has been amazing at keeping me on track, holding me accountable, inspiring me, and ensuring I’m focused on my goals. She truly cares about her students, and that comes across in all of her advice and products.

- Cameron of thiscustomlife.com

OMG, you are a genius! I finally get it. Product creation, a funnel, the whole thing! I get it! I swear, I have slaved over every other "funnel" course but it just didn't "click". The upsells, and the "superfan, to a super-duper fan!" Chart were visual and instead of a funnel they worked UP. and now it just makes sense! Oh, I am so thankful for you woman! So insanely thankful, product creation actually sounds fun to me now. Not like a giant chore.

- Lacy, LacyEstelle.com

12 Week Product Blitz Bootcamp

The Price for the Self-Guided Start Right Now Program: $149

Lifetime Access to the Training Materials + Facebook Support Group

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